Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiger Sharks at State

I feel the need to warn you right from the start.  This is likely to become a completely braggy, my kids are so awesome, how did I get so lucky- kind of post.  No really, I know you're in shock because I'm never like that, but this time I may not be able to help myself.  

I'm guessing you've heard me mention that my kids have an awesome swim team, and that they've been practicing really, really hard all summer.  Or, maybe not.  I hardly ever mention it.  

Well, we finally made it.  The reward for all their hard work.  An amazing weekend in Birmingham at the state swimming championship with their sweet friends and over a thousand of the best swimmers in Alabama.  

Andy had one goal this season.  To make it to state in an individual event.  He had been before as part of a relay team, but there is something special about having your name up on the scoreboard and racing all on your own.  He qualified in 100 yard individual medley.  Here he is in lane 9 waiting for his turn to be awesome.

And Zadie's goal this year?  To race at state with her brother.  Yep, 5 years old and she got to race in front of thousands of people.

Milly, Anslee, Zadie and Hope

These sweet girls competed in the 6 and under freestyle relay.  They were amazing.  Seventh fastest in the state and they have a shiny ribbon to prove it.  But I'm really just proud that they were brave enough to hold each others' hands and walk out there to do their thing.  

Of course, the best part of the weekend wasn't the races or the ribbons.  It was just being together and being part of a team.

After all the nerves and all the gatorade, all the broken goggles and lost swim caps, the real fun is in the cheering for our friends, the night at the hotel, the special time to just be together.

Chase, Andy, Geoffrey, Madison, Jewel, Darcy and Zadie

Andy's relay team- Colton, Andy, Jack, and Ezra

The five hour drive home was definitely not the best part, but it was the quietest.

Now it's time for mom to work on a new goal.  Finding a team here in FL that is at least half as cool as the tiger sharks.  This is going to be tough.