Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everything is under control

Okay, so this post should probably be entitled "Pictures that are going to make my mom call and yell at me."  By the way, is there an age at which this will stop happening?  I didn't think so.

One of Zadie's 'chores' is to water the flowers.  It's her favorite and always involves a lot of water and only incidentally does any of it land on the flowers.

 Um, honey, the flowers are on the porch.

 Andy, I thought you were doing your homework.  Oh, dear, please don't get your school uniform all muddy.

NO!  I don't want a mud pie! ACK!  GO. CHANGE. YOUR. CLOTHES!

 Zadie, why don't you grab that hose and start getting cleaned up..

This is going well.

Hmmm, I hope Andy isn't inside waking up the baby.  I better go check.

Well, at least I can keep an eye on all of them now.

Yes, you're adorable.  How do you know that means I will let you get away with spraying me with that hose?

We're going to start calling her 'Left-eye'.

I'm going to be doing laundry until I die.

Go get in the bath!  Yes we have that fun foamy soap stuff.

And about a gallon of Tide stain release.  So, this is completely under control.  Love ya Mom!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Since it's Thursday...

Since it's Thursday, and Leila always reminds me to find a little contentment to share, I will now dig through my recent pictures to offer you a little {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

{Happy} was easy to find this week! Here are Andy and Georgia after the tornados beat the undefeated white team AND Georgia scored her first goal of the season!

Now that's happy!
Jordan, Josie, and Zadie

 Oh, look at these {pretty} girls.  Here we are celebrating our dear friend Sydney's birthday at Pump it Up.  I must share a few more of the kids at the bottom of the slide.





 I had to make this one a little bigger so that you can see Rosie's expression. Now, before you go calling DHR, no matter how terrified she looked on the way down, she just kept demanding to do it again!

And again...

And again....

What a nut!

We also wandered down to the river by our house this week and it was a beautiful sunny day.

my sweeties 

The  {Real} would definitely be the mile hike straight uphill that faced us after our afternoon of  fun.  We began with Rosie on Dave's shoulders, but only make it about half way before the girls and I were sitting on the sidewalk having snack time while Daddy and Andy went and got the car to pick us up.

Have you captured any contentment this week?  Join us in sharing it at Like Mother, Like Daughter

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

October is the happiest time of year for me.  Not yet into the business of the holidays, and we spend so much time outdoors.  Last October I was picking out Andy's first real Halloween costume, a carebear, and this year, well, look at them!

Okay, so maybe there have been a few years passing in between, but it's hard to be sure.

Look at this little face!  I'm thinking if I snug her into that little carebear I'll be back in 2005 in an instant.

So I'm about to share about 10,000,000 pictures with you, because, as you can tell, I get a little sentimental and nostalgic this time of year.

Who invented these little pouches of applesauce.  If you're out there, I love you.

Oh, baby legs!

Look at Zadie's face.  It's hard to beat an 8 year old in a duck race.  Oh, may your problems always be so easy to solve!

Hey, sissy, look corn!  Come play with me :)

All better.

You may think this is just dirt, but no.  It is muddy cow snot.  Zadie is in her element!

Look into my eyes.  We are going to be great friends.

I will now blow off all of my responsibilities and go dig through the attic until I find a picture of Andy in his carebear costume.  Thanks for stopping by!