Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I always feel so thankful in the fall.  Thankful that I survived the heat and crazy of the summer, thankful that the kids have amazing teachers who are helping them learn all kinds of cool new things.

I thought I'd share a few of the things that are filling me up with gratitude today.

First of all, my Rosie.  I picked her up from school today and she told me that she had been playing with three friends on the playground.  She knew all of their names and she told me all about the games they were playing.  I wouldn't have found this remarkable at all from my other children, but with Rosie, my eyes filled with tears.  I'm so happy that she can tell me about her day.  Six months ago she would only smile and nod.   And friends? No way.  The other kids didn't really know how to include her in a game because she couldn't even tell them her name.  I don't think I'll ever take the gift of speech for granted again.  What a blessing!

Another wonderful gift Fall brings is soccer.  Just as soon as it's too chilly to get in the pool, you get to go run around the soccer field and be awesome.  Andy was beginning to think life at the beach was no fun unless it was summer, and then soccer came along and gave him something to look forward to three days a week.  Not to mention, new friends in the neighborhood who come knocking on our door  whenever things get a little dull.

Moving is hard.  Just when I thought a new school, new church, new life was stressing everyone out, October showed up and reminded me that something wonderful is always just around the corner.