Thursday, April 26, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} grandmother edition

Today my mom, mother-in-law, and I enjoyed a lunch at Zadie's preschool.  Here are some moments from our day and some other bright spots from our week.

On the playground at her pre-school

Zadie with her Gradma
Zadie got pushes from everyone today!  That girl loves to swing!
So excited when she first spotted us waiting to hear her sing.

"This little light of mine"

Now that's a Nanny who loves her baby girl!

Higher, Grandma, higher!

Alright ladies, you know you can kill some time on Pinterest.  So I like to justify this by actually doing some of the projects I learn about, because then it was time well spent, right?  Surely you all saw the cute little Easter garden someone made (clearly not with any tangible help from a three year old) out of a saucer, little clay pot, etc.  Well here is the version I made with Zadie a full week before Easter.

You may not spot it at first, but this little beauty was covered in grass seed and was intended to be lush with green grass by Easter morning.  Poof, lovely centerpiece.  Well, here we are, a month later and I had totally counted our seeds out.  Duds, all of them.  Not Zadie, though.  She kept telling me, "Mommy you haffa be patient."  She just went on, faithfully watering our dirt each day.  Well, go figure, we have something green in our Easter garden.  Just a little reminder for me that Easter is not just one day.  And our grass made it with time to spare this Easter season.
What's that, you can't see it?  Let me help.

One more month and this thing will be gorgeous.  That is if I can remember to keep it watered for that long! 
And finally, here are a few signs that summer is {really} coming, ready or not!

Flowers growing and in full bloom

A new decoration for my front door.
How long did you say until school's out?!  I better get back on Pinterest and find some fun projects for us to do while the kids are out of school.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A trip to the strawberry patch, and down memory lane

Oh, it's such a sweet time of year.  The days are getting longer, the kids are playing in the back yard every night.  Baseball, beach trips, and of course, strawberry picking.  We've been taking Andy strawberry picking since he had to be carried down the rows. 

I warn you, I'm about to indulge in a sentimental trip to the strawberry patches we have visited in years past.

Well, the only pictures I could find for today were from Jean's berry patch in North Carolina.  Wasn't Andy adorable!  How has he grown so big?  And look at our sweet friend Micah!  I'm tearing up thinking of all the sweet memories.  But I will move on and show you some of the fun we had today.

Rosie was just along for the ride.

Zadie was so cute, each time she picked a berry she would shout, "I found one!"
You knew Zadie would find a four legged friend
Gotta play a little ball



Mommy's girl
 Can't wait to get started on a strawberry cake!  If the kids left me any after their afternoon feast! I can't believe 7 years have passed since our first strawberry season as a family with kids.  It just keeps getting sweeter.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} April 18

When the kids are all well, I think I'd like to have at least 3 more.  I can deal with the everyday squabbles and skinned knees- the never getting to go to the bathroom alone, and the sleep deprivation.  But I have to admit, when they get sick, I'd like to send them all off to be raised by gypsies.  So Rosie's got some weird virus/ rash crud and she is as ill as a hornet.  Thus, the big kids will kiss her on the mouth and offer her a lick of their lolly pop just to prolong the torture.
So, I have no pictures of grumpy-lumpy or the fun we had in the pediatricians office (you know, her trying to lick the floor and whatnot) but I will share some less disgusting moments from our week.

Here is Zadie making the 'kids table' that lives in the corner of our dining room {pretty}.  She had so much fun finding everything decorative in the house and piling it on.

Ahhh, bring on the {Happy}

Andy loves taking guitar lessons from his very cool Uncle Chris

Rain boots go with everything.

Batting practice.  We just can't get enough.

I'm sure we've all had plenty of 'real' what with tax day having just passed.  Hope you're all getting big fat refunds!  Head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for some more {p, h, f, r} at

Monday, April 16, 2012

Whose kid is this?

Of course it has happened before, but today I had one of those moments.  You moms know about these.  A moment when I looked at my child and said, "Wow.  Here is a unique person.  One who I helped to create, teach, correct, feed, and all that stuff, but somewhere along the way he became a person completely separate from me."  Let me tell you, I did not teach him to do this.

You remember me, the one who never even took PE as a kid.  The one who has never caught a pop fly.  The one who told a friend that Andy had been playing in that spot between 2nd and 3rd base only to have her respond, "known to the rest of the world as short stop."  Yep.  He's his own person.  Kinda cool, huh?

His comment about the cut on his leg- "Wish it was on my arm or face or something.  Then I would look tough."  Well, you look tough to me kiddo.   Be still and let me stick a band-aid on that thing!  I am still your mama after all.

Surprise Playdate

Saturday our church held a car wash to raise money for a mission trip to Equador that will be happening this summer.  The kids were all set to wash cars, but they soon discovered a better use for  the hose.  Our friends Milly and Macy were also here to help, so they joined in the fun.

Sometimes unplanned playdates are the best!  I love it when the kids get to use their imaginations and just spend some time outdoors with friends!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Preparations

Alas, I got no actual pictures of any of us on Easter (although my sis-in-law may have, so there is yet hope)  but I thought I would share just a few of the days leading up to Easter.

Even during the whirlwind that is Holy Week, we must dye eggs

Dave was so funny, he had that moment when the kids started getting creative of, "Must everything we do be so messy?!"  But he let it pass and then had a great time helping the kids with their masterpieces.

We also joined in an egg hunt at our friend Rachel's house.   Here is Rosie having all the big fun with sweet Miss Evelyn.

Rosie and Ami 

Of course, what Holy Saturday is complete without some time at the ballpark

Concentrating hard on clapping for the Braves!
Hope you all had a wonderful Holy week!