Thursday, April 26, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} grandmother edition

Today my mom, mother-in-law, and I enjoyed a lunch at Zadie's preschool.  Here are some moments from our day and some other bright spots from our week.

On the playground at her pre-school

Zadie with her Gradma
Zadie got pushes from everyone today!  That girl loves to swing!
So excited when she first spotted us waiting to hear her sing.

"This little light of mine"

Now that's a Nanny who loves her baby girl!

Higher, Grandma, higher!

Alright ladies, you know you can kill some time on Pinterest.  So I like to justify this by actually doing some of the projects I learn about, because then it was time well spent, right?  Surely you all saw the cute little Easter garden someone made (clearly not with any tangible help from a three year old) out of a saucer, little clay pot, etc.  Well here is the version I made with Zadie a full week before Easter.

You may not spot it at first, but this little beauty was covered in grass seed and was intended to be lush with green grass by Easter morning.  Poof, lovely centerpiece.  Well, here we are, a month later and I had totally counted our seeds out.  Duds, all of them.  Not Zadie, though.  She kept telling me, "Mommy you haffa be patient."  She just went on, faithfully watering our dirt each day.  Well, go figure, we have something green in our Easter garden.  Just a little reminder for me that Easter is not just one day.  And our grass made it with time to spare this Easter season.
What's that, you can't see it?  Let me help.

One more month and this thing will be gorgeous.  That is if I can remember to keep it watered for that long! 
And finally, here are a few signs that summer is {really} coming, ready or not!

Flowers growing and in full bloom

A new decoration for my front door.
How long did you say until school's out?!  I better get back on Pinterest and find some fun projects for us to do while the kids are out of school.


  1. Oh, my! Love this post! Especially love Nanny swinging! And I too, saw the Easter centerpiece and wanted to attempt it, but didn't. You are so right that it is a great reminder that Easter isn't just about one day. :)

    1. Haha! Not sure she's going to love that I posted it, but I think she's the cutest Nanny in town :)

  2. I tried that craft too and my seeds did not sprout either! I had to use Bermuda because there was no rye at the store, and none of mine sprouted. Next year I will try again, I love the way it is supposed to look.
    And I love the Nanny on the swing with your girl, in a dress!