Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Preparations

Alas, I got no actual pictures of any of us on Easter (although my sis-in-law may have, so there is yet hope)  but I thought I would share just a few of the days leading up to Easter.

Even during the whirlwind that is Holy Week, we must dye eggs

Dave was so funny, he had that moment when the kids started getting creative of, "Must everything we do be so messy?!"  But he let it pass and then had a great time helping the kids with their masterpieces.

We also joined in an egg hunt at our friend Rachel's house.   Here is Rosie having all the big fun with sweet Miss Evelyn.

Rosie and Ami 

Of course, what Holy Saturday is complete without some time at the ballpark

Concentrating hard on clapping for the Braves!
Hope you all had a wonderful Holy week!

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  1. The year Daniel was a baby we didn't get any pictures on Easter either. It still makes me sad :( Love the other pics though!! Sweet Rosie clapping is so stinkin' cute!