Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Retreat

With three children under the age of three, sometimes my big kids have to be patient, and then patient some more.  Don't get me wrong, we work really hard to make sure that they can participate in all the activities they love and have lots of time to spend with friends, but when it comes to having my undivided attention, they definitely have to wait their turn.

Well, a few weeks ago, I left one very brave Daddy with the littles and I went on a weekend retreat with Andy and Zadie (and some of their awesome friends).

It was just two days, but with campfires, bunk beds, capture the flag, gaga ball and lots of sweet friends, it was a great chance to relax and connect.

We even caught up with some friends from our last church who were at the same retreat.

All in all, we had so much fun and will be going back next year!

Monday, February 16, 2015

All my Valentines

You may have guessed that there were no candle lit dinners or soft music in our house this Valentine's day.  In fact, between baking treats, 4 class parties, and nearly 100 classmates and friends to deliver Valentines to, I found the whole day a bit overwhelming.  

But at the end of all the celebrations, I got to come home to some of the sweetest faces on Earth.  Faces that teach me about unconditional love every day.

Faces covered in sticky ice-cream-truck delivered goodness.

Friend faces, and family faces, and friends who are becoming family faces.

Happy Valentine's day to all my favorite faces!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

All the babies

Here at the circus we tease that we just don't like it when things get too easy.  Any time we have a day when we don't think we're in completely over our heads, we like to shake things up a bit.  You know, take on a new challenge.  Make sure people are wondering if we've lost all our marbles.

Meet our new friends.  For the purpose of the blog, I shall call the littlest Dimples and the one who is up and running, I shall call Monkey.

Oh, have you ever seen such beautiful babies?!  We are in love.

I can't really tell you how they came to live with us, but I know you will find them as delightful as we do.

I will share with you when I can.  But in the mean time, we are being carried along by your prayers.  I can feel them as I rock babies and wipe bottoms and wash laundry.  You are all on this journey with us, and I'm so grateful that we're not in it alone!