Sunday, February 1, 2015

All the babies

Here at the circus we tease that we just don't like it when things get too easy.  Any time we have a day when we don't think we're in completely over our heads, we like to shake things up a bit.  You know, take on a new challenge.  Make sure people are wondering if we've lost all our marbles.

Meet our new friends.  For the purpose of the blog, I shall call the littlest Dimples and the one who is up and running, I shall call Monkey.

Oh, have you ever seen such beautiful babies?!  We are in love.

I can't really tell you how they came to live with us, but I know you will find them as delightful as we do.

I will share with you when I can.  But in the mean time, we are being carried along by your prayers.  I can feel them as I rock babies and wipe bottoms and wash laundry.  You are all on this journey with us, and I'm so grateful that we're not in it alone!

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