Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} April 18

When the kids are all well, I think I'd like to have at least 3 more.  I can deal with the everyday squabbles and skinned knees- the never getting to go to the bathroom alone, and the sleep deprivation.  But I have to admit, when they get sick, I'd like to send them all off to be raised by gypsies.  So Rosie's got some weird virus/ rash crud and she is as ill as a hornet.  Thus, the big kids will kiss her on the mouth and offer her a lick of their lolly pop just to prolong the torture.
So, I have no pictures of grumpy-lumpy or the fun we had in the pediatricians office (you know, her trying to lick the floor and whatnot) but I will share some less disgusting moments from our week.

Here is Zadie making the 'kids table' that lives in the corner of our dining room {pretty}.  She had so much fun finding everything decorative in the house and piling it on.

Ahhh, bring on the {Happy}

Andy loves taking guitar lessons from his very cool Uncle Chris

Rain boots go with everything.

Batting practice.  We just can't get enough.

I'm sure we've all had plenty of 'real' what with tax day having just passed.  Hope you're all getting big fat refunds!  Head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for some more {p, h, f, r} at

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