Monday, October 1, 2012

A few fall projects

I thought I'd share some of our recent projects here at the big top.  The kids and I love getting ready for the holidays- especially Halloween.  Now, if Andy had his way, the house would be covered in spooky  giant spiders with Zombies abounding... not likely for a church parsonage.  My style is a bit more subdued, but I do love making things festive.  

new canvas garden flag

Not exactly "halloween-y" but I thought it added some much needed color.  (because you know all blooming plant life lasts a matter of days in my care)

Super simple trick or treat sign made from scrap wood.

Here they are with the ghosties and lamp covers (so festive at night!).

And I added some light up pumpkins to my burlap wreath.  These are motion activated and let out a scream when you walk past.  Poor Rosie.

These last two are ideas I stole from my super talented friend Leigh Anne.  You should go see all the beautiful things that she makes at her blog, The Butlers.

I  need to finish up things on the mantle, but I wanted to share my monogramed pumpkin.  Thanks for the inspiration, Leigh Anne!

Happy fall, y'all!

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  1. Love it all!!! I know the kids do as well. Good job, Mommy!!