Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

October is the happiest time of year for me.  Not yet into the business of the holidays, and we spend so much time outdoors.  Last October I was picking out Andy's first real Halloween costume, a carebear, and this year, well, look at them!

Okay, so maybe there have been a few years passing in between, but it's hard to be sure.

Look at this little face!  I'm thinking if I snug her into that little carebear I'll be back in 2005 in an instant.

So I'm about to share about 10,000,000 pictures with you, because, as you can tell, I get a little sentimental and nostalgic this time of year.

Who invented these little pouches of applesauce.  If you're out there, I love you.

Oh, baby legs!

Look at Zadie's face.  It's hard to beat an 8 year old in a duck race.  Oh, may your problems always be so easy to solve!

Hey, sissy, look corn!  Come play with me :)

All better.

You may think this is just dirt, but no.  It is muddy cow snot.  Zadie is in her element!

Look into my eyes.  We are going to be great friends.

I will now blow off all of my responsibilities and go dig through the attic until I find a picture of Andy in his carebear costume.  Thanks for stopping by!

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