Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am a slow learner

Each year in October, the priests at Andy's school perform a blessing of the animals.  It is a beautiful service and all of the students are invited to bring their pets to receive a special blessing.  The school also collects all sorts of supplies to donate to the local humane shelter.

Here is Andy looking on joyfully as his bunny receives her blessing.

What's that you're thinking?  He doesn't look full of joy?!  But how can this be?  Allow me to explain.
Andy wants a dog.  Andy REALLY wants a dog.  All of my children are obsessed with getting a dog. And now, they're using the baby in their devious plot to break me.

Look into my eyes, won't you buy me a little puppy like this one?  Wouldn't I be even sweeter with a little puppy to snuggle?  I love you, Mommy.

Mommy, come meet this dog.  It's as big as a horse.  Wouldn't I be precious riding on this puppy?!  Please, Mommy;  I love you, Mommy!

Oooh, this one's even bigger.  It's got ears like a pony.

Ack! It is a pony!  Never mind, I don't like this one, it makes funny noises.  Save me, Mommy!

Nanny has a dog.  Everyone has a dog but us.  Why don't you love us, Mommy?

I like this one.

It's tongue is as long as my arm.  That's awesome.

Well, can't we at least have a pig, then.  My friend has a pig and it wears a bow and eats goldfish and probably plays fetch.  Bunnies don't play fetch.  I want a dog.

Boy, that was fun.  I think I'll be sick next year.  Well, who could have seen this tragedy coming? (don't answer that).  Anyway, we're not getting a dog.  I don't want a dog.  We can't afford a dog.
Awe, who am I kidding.  They'll probably break me by Christmas.

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  1. I got my first dog after a stray wandered into our yard and started digging up Mom's geraniums. All pups since then have been adopted through shelters (1 when I was growing up, and 2 since adulthood), but Brownie was my first dog. Watch out for the strays that linger. :)