Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some people think miracles don't happen any more...

But I have seen one this week and I have the photos to prove it.  Now for those of you with more than 3 children, I honestly don't know how you manage that Christmas card photo each year.  I have to believe it's photoshopped, or that you bribed your children with something really awesome if they comply.  OR that you've had wax sculptures made in their images and are passing them off as your actual children in photos.

This is what happens whenever my three are in the same place, being cute, at the same time.

And I'm quick on the draw.  Almost always have a camera on hand, and have been honing my skills for years.  But there are 3 of them, and they have youth on their side.  Grrrr, missed again.

Okay, so lt me explain how the marvelous event began.  Grandparents day at my son's school.  Tables of sticky chocolaty refreshments.  Ten minutes later all three of my children still have clean clothes on... and so do I!

Well, by golly, let's try to get a family picture (stop whining Andy it'll just take a minute).  Sit your behinds on this bench and smile.

Holy Moly they actually did it!

Quick, Grandparents #1 & 2 get where we were and let's try for another...

No.  Way.  Okay, Grandparent #3 get in there!

Nobody move!  Grandparents #4 & 5, let's go for broke!

Yes, no crying, no bunny ears or crossed eyes.  No falling off the bench and busting of lips or skinning of knees.  No dead camera battery.  No.  Way.  Three beautiful smiles.

Dave says we have turned a corner.  Bwahahahahahaha.  Poor sweet man.  He doesn't realize that in the time it took me to write this post, they have surely coated the dog in vaseline.

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  1. You are so funny, Laura!! Your commentary made me laugh. :) What great pictures of you all!!