Monday, November 18, 2013

A very quiet Monday

Sitting here on a strangely quiet Monday, I am realizing that I blog about my kids' friends way more than I do my own.  Sorry grown up types, I think you're really awesome, but the truth is, I spend more time with the under 10 crowd.  Good thing my kids have awesome friends.  They take after me.

This past weekend, we arranged a little kid swap.  I shipped off my sweet Andyman to hang out with the cool guys down at the beach, and I gathered all the little sisters at my house.

 We actually had lots of brownie making and painting and fashion shows, but somehow the only pictures I managed to take were at the zoo.

All the girls talked us into a trail ride on Chris the horse, which sounded like a great idea, and made for happy little girls...

Until I figured out that Rosie was about an inch too short to ride.  Talk about a sad and pitiful two-year-old.

But all was not lost.  For I had gummy fruit snacks in my purse.  That made it almost all better.

 It's Monday now.  Rosie and I are back to grocery shopping, washing clothes, and asking every five minutes where her friends are.  We did get the paints back out, though.  And now that I don't have so many little artists to assist, I started a project of my own.

We've recently redecorated the girls room (reveal coming soon) but it needed just a little more color.  So, here's a little puppy to cheer up their wall.  Happy Monday :D


  1. Oh! It's a Corgi! My sis-in-law has one. Love it! This post makes me smile. :)

  2. I love the little painting, Laura!! It is just perfect for the girls. I can't wait to see the finished room. :)