Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Batter up!

First things first.  We had a wonderful Holy Week and I have some thoughts and pictures to share.  I will, I promise.  But for today, I have a different kind of good news!

You all may know that Andy has moved up to kid pitch baseball this year.  This is big stuff, y'all.  Now, so far, he's been hanging out on third base (loving every minute of it), but in his heart, he has been dreaming of pitching.  I have the bruised hands and sore knees to prove it.  Mama may be a terrible catcher, but for Andyman, I will squat and do my best.  "Just three more strikes Mom, please."  Okay.

Well, last night he got his chance.

He wasn't up there for long.  Coach brought him in at the end of the game.  We were already down by 9.  He managed two strike outs (one walk and one hit) and he threw someone out at first.  A runner scored and it was over.  We lost by the 10 run rule.  It didn't matter one bit to Andy.

He says it was the greatest game of his life.  I believe he pitched all night long.  I could see him winding up in his sleep.

Hurray for Monday make up games and sweet memories.  Hurray for new opportunities and the gratitude that comes along with them.  

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