Saturday, September 20, 2014

Settling in and finding a zoo

It's always a bit of a zoo in our house, but there's been a definite lack of real zoo in our lives as of late.  

Andy hasn't missed it so much, but the girls are used to the zoo being as regular a part of our routine as the grocery store and dry cleaner.  I think if I left Zadie over night with the llamas, she'd never notice the lack of human contact.

They are kind of cute.

Notice all of our pictures show the rest of us watching Zadie get covered in drool and hair.  Yuck.

These pictures are from the Gulf Breeze zoo.  A very sweet little zoo about 45 minutes from our new house.  I must warn you, though, it's a lot more expensive than the Montgomery zoo.  All of you who have a publicly funded zoo in your area, don't take it for granted.  It is a gift!

This trip included a bonus kid- Andy's friend Jess, who is awesome and makes hanging out with little sisters way more fun.

 Somehow I feel even more at home here in Florida now that I know my way to the zoo.

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