Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday with the dolphins

Last Saturday, we finally celebrated Zadie's birthday with her gift of a dolphin encounter.  We are trying (all be it with very little success) to stop acquiring so much stuff.  Our playroom looks like a going out of business sale at Toys R Us and, as you can imagine, they still prefer to play with dirt and bubble wrap.

So this year, Zadie's gift was a chance to meet the dolphins at our Gulfarium up close and personal, and it did not disappoint.  If you know Zadie, you know that there is not a human on earth that she would prefer to animals.  Someday I imagine her heading into the wilderness like Dian Fossey in Gorillas in the Mist.

She's already asked for her next birthday gift.  When she turns 8 next summer, she'll be old enough to get in the water with the dolphins.  It's a good thing they're in a pool; if they were out in the gulf, I'd be a little worried that she'd ride off into the sunset and join their pod.  

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