Tuesday, January 22, 2013

collecting seashells and fond memories

This is Kate.  Oh, and me, of course.  Kate and I met in high school.  Well, technically I was in jr high school.  See how I'm WAY younger ;)

If only we'd had digital cameras back then, I would now subject you to hundreds of photos of us eating cookie dough shopping for weird clothes at thrift stores and driving around in her pink Dodge Neon giggling and chasing boys.  (Usually her latest love interest, perhaps occasionally mine)

I was there when she got her drivers license.  She was there when I got accepted to college.  We've been on dozens of road trips, church retreats, and we celebrated each others graduations and weddings. 

Kate was there the day I had my first child.  It was that day that she told me that in 9 months we'd have another birth to celebrate.  Here are our oldest together on the beach.

Hannah and Andy age 7 & 8

When Andy was 3 Kate called me with the news that Hannah would be a big sister soon.  I cried tears of joy and tears of jealousy.  Dave and I had been trying for a second child for 2 long years.  4 weeks later I called her back crying hysterically and shouting about yet another baby to celebrate.

Rick Allen and Zadie both 4 1/2 

I can't believe the blessings that have come to us both.  Here are our now 6 precious children all together.

Rosie and Emma Harper join the fun

I think about us in high school.  We had such different visions for our lives; I don't think I could ever have pictured us here.  It's so strange to know that these 6 beautiful people didn't even exist back then.

Things may not have turned out just the way we planned, but I know one thing for sure.  We changed the world.

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