Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Off to see the Wizard!

I have been waiting (and waiting.... and waiting) to post these photos until I have the time and energy to  work on them in photoshop because, well, they're not the best.  But Dave keeps going out of town and the dog keeps pooping on the floor and I keep getting more tired and more cranky and less interested in doing anything but eating chocolate and glaring at the dog once the kids are in bed, so here it is, The Wizard of Oz, presented by the children of Tallassee and Missoula Children's Theater.

Andy was cast as a flying monkey.  Type casting if you ask me :)  Here he is with his fellow minions posing for a picture after the show.  Yup, he's the goofy one on the bottom row, second from the right.

The Messoula children's theater comes for one week each year.  In five days they hold tryouts, run rehearsals and perform the show.  It really is remarkable what the kids accomplish in just one week.

Our talented friend Sarah played the part of the wicked witch.

Happy after the show

Andy's buddy Becca made a ferocious cowardly lion and Jillian made a very sweet Dorothy.
 I love that Andy has so much fun with all he does.  Next up, baseball season.  Hopefully we'll have the dog potty trained by then!

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