Friday, April 12, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Easter edition

I wasn't sure if I had the energy for a {p,h,f,r} this evening, and then I realized how many fabulous Easter pictures I still have to share!

Okay, so not exactly posed by the Azaleas, but it makes me so {Happy} to see how much they love each other!

And I know you're wondering why I included this one.  It is the only picture I got of Zadie in her Easter dress.  She's my church-is-over-don't-get-between-me-and-my-playclothes child.  But here it is, evidence that she was in a dress WITH a ribbon in her hair.  So {Pretty}.

Backing up to holy Saturday, here we are dyeing eggs.  A tradition that we always make sure to make time for even in the mayhem that is Holy Week at the parsonage.

What follows is the joy of having Daddy back after Holy Week has passed.

And finally, {Real}.  Here is a topographical map of my cornea.  AKA, what a cornea is not supposed to look like.  On the bright side, we finally know what has been causing my recent vision loss.  Now the question is, can it be repaired, or at least the remaining vision saved.  I have seen two specialists so far and I see the surgeon in May.  I remain optimistic and I'll keep you posted.

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