Saturday, April 13, 2013

The first berries of the year

One of my favorite days of the year.  Our first trip the the Strawberry patch of the season.  We never miss strawberry picking- even when there isn't a patch for 100 miles, we make the drive.  The photos we've taken over the years are some of my favorites, you really should check out last year's!  I can't believe how we've all changed in just one year.  

Zadie says this year's berries "are so good, they're life changing."  It made me laugh, but then it made me think.

There is something spiritual for me about strawberry picking.  We've just emerged from the fasting of lent and the world is waking up from it's winter nap.  We always see frogs and butterflies among the rows of red berries and it reminds me that we are Easter people.

We get to taste God's bounty and reap fruit we didn't even sow.  So much like God's grace.

This year there is a new patch only miles from our home.  Talk about an unexpected blessing!  I know the girls and I will go weekly while Andy is in school.

But not for the first trip.  We had to do that together.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what we'll do with so many strawberries.  Well, I think Rosie had eaten at least a quart before we even got home.

But spring in our house means strawberry shortcake for breakfast.  Strawberry salad for lunch and mom, can you please melt us some chocolate for a strawberry snack.  Of course I will.

It also means extra baths.  A lot of extra baths.

I should mention that the human members of the household are not the only ones who love strawberry picking season.

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  1. Thanks for joining! You are making me want strawberries :)