Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zadie's preschool graduation

This post should probably be entitled, "A zillion pictures that all make me cry."  Here is my beautiful, confident, smart, funny, just-like-her-mama, middle child.  Also known as my precious baby who will be leaving me and going to kindergarten in 62 days.  Give or take.  Not that I'm counting.  

She graduated from preschool today.

Yesterday she looked like this.

Look at that nose!  Just like a little button mum.  Oh, where did my bitty girl go?!

Good grief she's cute.  And tall.

Here she is loving on her Nanny.  I have no pictures of me from today.  It has nothing to do with my being a big blubbering mush pile.  I'm sure I looked fantastic.

I was aiming for cooperation, but there were balloons involved.

And one final sweet picture with Holden and Claire.  A tiny pause in the mayhem.  I loved every minute of it.  Every last preschool minute of it.

Poor Rosie.  I can imagine that 3 years from now I may actually climb on the stage and prevent the whole event from transpiring.  She better hope I'm sick that day.

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