Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tiger Sharks

I know the blog has been kind of quiet lately, but that is because our life has been anything but.  Summer has been dragging me along like a run away train and I've been hanging on for dear life.  One of the biggest commitments we've made has been to the swim team.  Andy and Zadie have both been spending 2 hours a day at swim practice and two days a week at swim meets (all over the state).  

Y'all know that Andy has a competitive spirit that borders on obsession.  I think he loves to swim mostly because it's a challenge and his reward is a box full of colorful ribbons that remind him of his success.

Zadie, however, seems to really love swimming.  She loves being with her friends, being part of a team and being able to do something that the 'big kids' do.

She doesn't mind a pretty ribbon every once in a while, though.

I snapped these pictures at our first meet of the season.  The little girls only swim 2 events, so there's lots of time for playing and exploring while they wait on big brothers and sisters.

Andy swims 8 events.  It makes for one tired kid at the end of the day.

Here's Andyman with his relay team.  They've been doing so well; they really encourage each other and swim their best times during their relays.  They have dreams of making it all the way to state, and I think they just might! (PS- He's not really that tall, it's a weird camera angle or something- he looks like he could eat his teammates. )

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