Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Andy's at camp

Andy's at camp and I don't even have pictures of him taking his swim test or making his bed or anything like last year because I didn't even go with him.  Not even a little bit.

I dropped him off at the church. (Well, I made our children's minister drive the bus around the block with the girls and me singing 'the wheels on the bus' and pretending we were coming along to embarrass hang out with him all week)  But then I totally stayed at home while he drove off with the big kids and laughed at how silly I am.  I sure am glad that he's not FOR REAL embarrassed by us yet and will still kiss his baby sister goodbye.

I did take one picture before they set off.

Aren't they cute awesome?!  I miss him like crazy but he'll be home tomorrow night.  And he won't admit it, but I bet he'll even be glad to snuggle up with the girls and watch a little bubble guppies.  Even if he is all grown-y.

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