Saturday, August 10, 2013

What do you mean it's not July?

Where did I leave off, oh, a month ago.  Ah yes, Andy went to camp and then came home early to run through his swim events for the State swimming championship.  Now, for Andy, it's all about the race.  Practice harder, swim faster, win more.   

But on this one occasion, it was also about the party.

Freestyle relay team:  Chase, Corbin, Andy and Geoffery 

The kids work so hard all season, but State is a chance to have a two day, sleep over, drink slushies, hang out with your friends, leave your baby sister at home big kid party.

With a few hundred of your closest friends, who are all awesome.  Cause swimmers are awesome.

And the best part?  That would be a giant pizza swim party at the water park.  Zadie was clearly impressed!

Valery and Zadie

PS-  Andy raced with a tattoo mustache this year.  Because he's awesome.

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