Friday, August 16, 2013

{p,h,f,r} First week of school edition

I feel as though we've made good use of our summer.  We rested, in a way, but we crammed a lot into our resting.  We traveled and spent time with old friends and made new ones.  We celebrated Rosie's 2nd birthday and are preparing to celebrate Andy's 9th and Zadie's 5th this week.  We did VBS and church camp, art lessons and zoo trips, bell choir and skim boarding.  But more than anything, we swam.  I never played any sports as a child and I wasn't prepared for how much sports had to teach my children.  They worked so hard, set and achieved goals and dealt with disappointment. They also had plenty of chances to practice patience and good sportsmanship.  

Now that that's been said, we did not work on such things as sight words or multiplication facts.  C'est la vie!  Perhaps they'll use some of that great swim team work ethic to get caught up.

Now to the fun stuff.  Aren't my big kids {Pretty} (or perhaps handsome) in their dress uniforms?  I must say, they were not happy to have them on.  I don't think either one of them has had on a real pair of shoes in 3 months!  Let me add that there were no tears, just a really bright sun in their eyes. 

And I know I've already posted the next one, but it's my favorite.  I love our little chapel.  I think its wonderful that this is where my kids start their day.  

My {happy} would have to be our back to school pool party.  I wasn't so enthusiastic since it kept us out after bed time on a school night, but the kids were over the moon that we went this year. 

This, by the way is what you get when you ask for a sweet first day photo.  I probably shouldn't laugh, but they are too {funny}!

I thought I'd also mention that, while I miss the big kids all day, Rosie and I haven't been sitting around pouting.  Here we are at the pool with some friends.  She figured out that she could see her reflection in my sunglasses and the faces she was making were cracking me up.  She's such a little nut.  

The hardest part of the week?  Accepting that this sweet girl is really old enough for Kindergarten.  It's hard to get my mind around the fact that she'll be spending more time away from me during the week than with me.  {Real}  

It wouldn't take much for me to try my hand at homeschooling, but I must say, they love their school too much.  Guess I'll just have to get used to the quiet.  What am I saying?!  Rosie would never let it be quiet!

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  1. You have sweet children! I love the funny faces! And the chapel is indeed very lovely!