Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zadie is 5

This weekend we celebrated 5 years with our sweet Zadie.  She loves to swim, so we settled on a pool party, with a little puppy dog style thrown in because, well, it's Zadie.  

It was a lovely little backyard birthday party.  I don't know why we ever do anything else.  
Just a few friends, some family, and plenty of room to play.

All right, here come the pictures.  I narrowed them down as best I could, but they were just all so cute!  
Valerie, Jack, and Zadie on the slide together

Andy showing us it's fun for the big kids, too

Ian making a splash!

Ami with baby Olivia

Even got a shot of me in the mix

A little birthday 'love' from big brother

This is as close as I could get while she blew out her candles... she's in there somewhere

pup cakes

Snuggle puppy

Abby and Zadie
And finally, here's Seth showing us how it's done.  He definitely defended his 'coolest kid on the planet'  status.
Ready for another amazing year with the sweetest, most thoughtful, silliest little girl I know.  Happy Birthday, baby! 

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