Friday, January 17, 2014

I don't take pictures when it's cold

The last few weeks have been a grumpy haze of nasty colds, tummy bugs and too much tv.  We don't do cold.  I pull the car right into the yard next to the door and we run for it or we just stay home all together.  The world has just seemed germ-y and uninviting in the last two weeks.  

But right when I thought I'd go mommy-crazy and start selling the children on Ebay, the clouds parted and a bright light filled the sky.  

Oh, yes, it was the sun. 

 The zoo, the farm... you name it.  Sign us up.  Our walls are closing in on us.  We need some fresh air and fresh perspective on the world.  

We need to play in the dirt and snuggle a puppy.  

My goodness, if winter doesn't end early this year, you might find us driving south to warmer lands.  Or you might find a great deal on a sibling set on Ebay :)  Either way, I'd say there's a good reason we don't live in Alaska.  We need the sunshine!

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