Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{p,h,f,r} searching for calm during the storm

Most of you know that it's been a difficult week at the Barkalow's.  Rosie is sick.  We continue with the breathing treatments and antibiotics in hopes that she'll be herself again soon.  It's been 7 days since she's had anything to drink and I'm fighting the overwhelming sadness that she will likely not nurse again.  Just like that.

Of course, with three precious children, there are beautiful moments.


Who says you can't have a breakfast picnic?

Zadie was so happy when we found 2 four leaf clovers in our yard.  Especially since Andy had never found one :)


Sweet bunny

Why do they love to take the cushions off the couch?

Rosie did lose a little weight in the hospital, and she feels so small to me, but as you can see, she's got plenty to spare.

Andy has been so sweet and agreeable through it all.  He is loving baseball practice; he can't wait until the season begins.

Say a prayer for our Rosie.  It breaks my heart each time she cries.    It's a sound I've  rarely heard before this week.


  1. Your little Rosie is adorable! And we have the same couch cushion problem over here. I hope she feels better soon! A sick baby is heartwrenching!

    1. Thank you so much. Rosie had a great day and even drank a little from a cup. We see the dr. again tomorrow, so we're hoping for a good report.
      ps- I'm gluing the cushions on one day when they're not looking :D

  2. I hope Rosie will improve soon!

    1. Thank you Lisa; we had a better day today.

  3. I hope your little one is feeling better soon! And I'm glad you found some goodness this week in spite of the difficulties.

  4. Rosie is in our prayers! (as are the rest of you--especially you, Laura, because I know you are having a rough time with all of this). I hope Rosie will be back to her happy (and sleeping) self very, very soon.

    And: I think the breakfast picnic is a GREAT idea!!!

    1. Thanks Kristina; I like to eat outside with the kids whenever possible... less clean up :)

  5. Thanks for joining! Don't worry -- I bet when she feels better she will go back to nursing. I hope that will be soon!