Saturday, March 31, 2012

{p,h,f,r} spring break addition

The kids were out for spring break this week and I have loads of pictures to share with you.  I may have taken a few... hundred.   Here are some of my favorite {Pretty} ones.

Ready for {Happy}?  Here they come.

I love these feet.  They make me happy.

Sprinkle park after bed time = happy kids.

I am a woman of few words today.  Here are my top picks for {funny} for the week.

for some reason all three of my kids are enamored with alligators right now.  We went to Fudpuckers  to feed the gators and Zadie was crushed because I wouldn't let her get in the water to wrestle with them.  

And this folks, is what happens when you hand the camera to my mom and say, "Here, get a picture of me with the girls."  Well, it's me, mostly, and that is Rosie's foot.  Good try mom.  

Every time I got the camera out to sneak a picture of Rosie playing, she made a bee-line for me to check out my camera.  It is pretty cool.

Happily, I have no pictures to share for the {Real} this week.  The weather was beautiful, the children behaved (mostly).  The only bummer is that I have developed a strange eye infection.  I swear I think this last pregnancy has just about done me in.  How about it mothers of 3 or more?  Shall I ever regain my ability to fight of injury and disease?  Or should I just plan to dress as a pirate for Halloween from now on.  Maybe I can get a be-dazzled eye patch and be the coolest pirate on the block.

Head over to Like Mother, like daughter for more {pretty, happy, funny, real}.  


  1. Thanks for joining! It's true, when you are preggo you get more infections. My dr. told me not to touch my eye with my index finger, but use the ring finger instead! Fewer germs :) That really helped and I still do it to this day.
    Take your vit. D :)

    1. Thanks Leila. I do need to be better about taking care of myself! I always make sure the kids eat their veggies and take their vitamins, but I often live off of coffee and the crusts of peanut butter sandwiches!