Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lake fun

Our church has had an amazing summer of children's ministry.  I can't believe how many fun things my kids have gotten to participate in and I know they have learned so much.  VBS, Choir camp, church camp, and tons of trips and activities.  Here we are celebrating all the fun we've had and bracing ourselves for the school year ahead.
Hannah, Zadie, and Millie having lunch together.  Wouldn't you like to know what they were talking about!

Here go the girls- Allison, Georgia, and Bekah

Not to be outdone, the goofy boys!

Here is Hunter being so sweet and taking the little girls for a ride.  Hannah and Zadie can't reach the pedals just yet.

And oh, my little beach bum.  Content where ever you put her.

Andy loved cruising the lake in the kayak

Rosie, still being adorable :)

Now, you know that if there is a creature creeping about, Zadie must capture it and show it a little lovin'

Here she is stalking a terrified little toad

Ready to pounce
Victory!  Now gimme a kiss!
I'm so grateful for all of the awesome friends and family who teach, guide and love my children.  I know they wouldn't be the people who they are without all of you, and I think they're pretty special.  So thanks for pouring out your specialness on them, goodness knows Dave and I couldn't do it alone!

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