Friday, August 10, 2012

{p,h,f,r} baby quail edition

Sometimes I am shocked by my own self-centeredness.  Caring for my children is so demanding that I forget the world is full of wonderful and interesting people and I often miss out on getting to know them because I'm lost in my own stuff.

My friend Loyce invited me to bring the children to visit her Quail farm this week....  So I said, "Sure... wait... your what?!"  Yep, she raises quail by the thousands.  This is something you would think I would know.  Nope, not me.  I'm working on it.

Well, the kids had an amazing time and I am so grateful that Loyce invited us and gave us the tour.

                  {pretty & real}

My goodness, it's a real farm.  She's a real farmer.  Go figure.

First, we visited the baby birds that were just a few days old.  My goodness they were cute and tiny!
Ms Loyce gathered a handful of babies for Zadie to hold.
Zadie was so precious.  She really treasures all animals.

The birds were so little I was scared to death that Rosie would hurt one, but she stayed close to mama and was very gentle.

I think Zadie would still be sitting there loving those birds if I hadn't forced her to leave.

Besides, there are a lot more fun things to do in the country than just pet birds.  Here are Andy and Zadie riding on the back of the gator.  (Probably Andy's favorite part of the day)

Would you believe Loyce let him drive?!  Yep, his ship had come in!
Okay, I've tried to narrow down the rest of the pictures so that this post won't be ridiculously long, but I have failed.  I just love them all.                              {Happy}

{happy, happy, happy}

                                  so {happy}

The sky opened up for a quick Alabama thunderstorm.  The kids got soaked, but I stayed dry.  Now that's funny :)

Not sure the quail feels the same way; you should have heard it chirping to get loose!

Now free and dive bombing Andy's head....  {funny}

I love this picture, you can see Zadie's smile even in silhouette

Thanks for staying with me through all those pictures (are you still there?)  If so, head over to and share your contentment. 

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  1. Very sweet! Your Zadie is especially so, with her joy in the birds.