Saturday, August 25, 2012

The first day of school- lets put an end to the crazy

One day, when I am 'finished' raising my children (yes, I know this is the irony of the task, like so many of our life's goals, it is never fully accomplished and complete), I will wander through my days with no pattern or structure.  I get bored so easily that I will probably not settle into a routine for more than a day or two before changing things up.  Yup, I will drive my husband bananas!

How likely is this?  Well, a girl can dream.  For now it is the structure that keeps me going and at least half sane.  This summer has been a wonderful pile of beach trips, swimming lessons, broken bones, swim meets, play dates and crazy.  The crazy fell mostly in my lap as it seems my job is to keep it all moving and keep everyone fed.  They get extra hungry in the summer.

Well, my reward for keeping them alive and well is right here.  The first day of school.

Yes, I cry and miss them all day long when they're gone.  But then I'm actually really happy to see them when they get home and I have had a chance to go to the bathroom all alone and I am less cranky.
(Well, not exactly 'alone' Rosie was probably pulling all the towels out from under the sink, but it's all relative at this point)

You may think that Rosie wants to go too, but don't let that cute little cupcake fool you; she just wants the others to take a hike so that she can get into all their cool toys that they don't like to share because she drools on them and tries to put the pieces in the toilet.

Zadie with her teacher Ms. Denise
 Zadie goes to preschool three mornings a week this year and I think it's just right for her.  She's still a little bit of a home body and while school is good for her, I fear too much would make her moody... or moodier... (is that possible?)

And please pray for the teacher who will be charged with keeping this little maniac in line.  Not sure what it is about 8 year old boys, they're like an alien life form.

Sometimes I don't know what to do with him, but I love him so much it's hard to contain.  I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Look out world.  Today, the third grade.  Tomorrow, well, let's just hope we make it through today :)

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