Friday, May 9, 2014

Field day

How do I know summer is upon us?  Because today the children got to cast off their much lamented school uniforms, throw on a t-shirt and shorts, and rush out the door like they were headed to Disney World.  That's right, today was Field Day (Also known as the greatest day in the history of school)!!!!  

I have to admit that I was a bit smushy and sentimental today.  This was Andy's last field day and one of my last chances to spend time with his sweet class.  Because our school is so small, he has been in class with the same dozen or so kids for  the last 3 years.

Sweet Kendall giving it all she's got

End of tug collapse  

Sydney showing some serious determination... I'm sure Andy being on the other team added to his motivation.
Killian getting a little help from Coach Creel 

This was Zadie's first and last Field Day at Holy Cross.  Now she may not always enjoy things like tug-of-war, or anything that requires you to get hot, or dirty, or tired.  But at our field day, there is something for everyone.

Bobbing for donuts anyone?

Silly dress up clothes,

And cheering for her friends.  Zadie had a ball!

Some of the coolest parents (I'm talking about myself of course) even joined in on a few of the games.  I proved to be quite helpful at the tug-of-war, not so much at the relay races.  Ah well, you can't win them all.

I suppose I better face it.  Talent Show, kindergarten graduation, and then we'll be putting this school year in the books.  It was a good one.

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