Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The in-between time

Those of you who move often, for whatever reason, know all too well the mixed emotions that come with the in-between time.  The time after you learn of your next move, but before its time for full on packing and saying goodbye.  

It's a time when you have more on your to-do list than can ever get done.  And yet, the things that rise to the top of the list are zoo days, birthday parties and play dates.  Your kids can talk you into a sleep over easier than they ever dreamed because you are as aware as they are that there are not many Saturday nights left.

 I seem to go back and forth (sometimes 10 times in one day) between feeling ready to be in our new home tomorrow, and wishing we had a few more months to do all the things we've been meaning to do for the four years that we have lived here and now may never actually get to do.

I'm determined that this time I will not wish away the in-between time.  With all it's stress and hurriedness, I will not overlook all the moments of joy that come with the extra zoo trips and late nights at the ball field.  I will not be to busy packing to play in the hose and invite the neighbor kids over to see our baby bunnies.

The boxes will get packed.  The floors will get swept and the children will have to say goodbye.  But in the in-between time, we'll make each day count.

We'll play in the yard and squish in the mud.

We'll be at the ball park and cheer for the Dodgers.   And even when they don't win, we'll know that with only three games left this season, playing with these sweet friends is a gift that won't last forever.  And we'll go out swinging.

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