Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kindergarten dance recital

Last night Zadie had her big dance recital and it was adorable.  This is, of course, my completely unbiased opinion.  

It has been a challenging year for dance, to say the least.  Zadie wasn't able to be home from school in time to take dance class with the girls her age, so we thought it would work out just as well to be with girls a little older.  It shook her confidence a bit, though, and I think  she felt that she didn't catch on as quickly as the other girls.  I just hope we can talk her into giving it another chance in a year or so.
I think for a 5 year old in a group of seven year olds, she was fantastic.

Her brother thought so, too.  He is also a completely fair and impartial judge.

Besides, he got to pitch again last night, so nothing (not even a two hour dance recital) could have wiped that smile off his face.

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