Saturday, February 25, 2012

Burlap door hanger tutorial

So, lately I've fallen in love with all things made out of burlap.  It's cheap.  It's easy.  It's cute.  Fabulous.

My mom is throwing a shower for a friend who is having a baby girl and she asked me to make a door hanger in the shape of a baby buggy.  Got out my burlap and here it is.

Thought I'd share with you how it's done so that you, too, can make cute stuff to hang on your door.

First, draw out the basic shape of a baby buggy (or whatever you like) on some butcher paper and cut it out.

Trace the outline with pencil on a big piece of burlap.  (some folks like to prime it, but I like the edges raw and stringy)

Grab your acrylic paint and go to town.

Here it is all painted in.  Cute, but still needs the details filled in.

Use a permanent marker (I chose a brown Sharpie to go with the brown paint I used for the wheels and handle) to outline your details and make it 'pop' when you see it from a distance.

Cut around your painting, leaving at least 1/2 inch of extra fabric.  It doesn't have to be perfect.

Here it is laid out on my kitchen floor.  Then cut a second piece of burlap for the backing.  (I didn't get a picture for that step, but it's very easy.)

For the baby buggy, before I glued the layers together, I inserted a few plastic drinking straws in the 'handle' to keep it from flopping over.

Next, simply use your hot glue gun around the edges to stick the layers together leaving an opening big enough for your hand so that you can stuff it in a minute.  I think the hot melt works the best but you could really use anything.  Liquid stitches or any good strong craft glue works, but the hot glue dries right away so you don't have to wait.  You know, in 20 minutes, the children will probably be up from nap and coloring on the walls with your Sharpie.  So for me, the quicker the better.

Next, make your buggy smushy by stuffing it.  I used plastic grocery bags.  Up-cycling?

Almost done.  I decided mine needed a brown satin bow, so I hot glued one on.

I added some floral wire (I'm hoping to get out for some nicer looking sculpting wire) to the back... I just stuck it through the little holes in the burlap and made a hanger for my buggy.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  And so easy.

Oh, and while I was being all sweet and helpful to my mom, I made one for myself, too.  Here's my rainbow that may be hanging at Zadie's birthday party this summer.... if she doesn't change her mind 10 times by then.

Happy crafting, Y'all!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Heather! They're so easy and I love them. I think I'll make one for every season!

  2. Do you use any type of primer before painting? I have tried this, but painting with acrylic paint on burlap has been very difficult-the paint doesn't seem to spread very well. Any tips?

    1. I have done it both ways. If you use a primer, like Kilz, the paint does spread much easier and you have to use less. It's def worth it if you are painting something with a lot of details. I often skip the primer, but be prepared to use a ton of paint because the burlap soaks up the paint so much. Either way, your first layer takes for ever to dry. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love this and thank you! I have been wanting to make some cute hangers for my new house!! :)

  4. What type of burlap do you use?

  5. cute project! I like the idea of using bags to stuff it.
    As for priming...what about mod podge or Gesso?
    I'd also look for a tight weave burlap if possible. I know Jo Ann's sell a vinyl backed burlap too.