Thursday, February 9, 2012

lamp redo

Well, I've said it before, everything is cuter when it's pink.  So, I've been spray painting once again.  Don't worry, the children are too quick to be in jeopardy.  I'm sorry to report that I did not get a before picture, but it was an ugly old lamp that I had primed years ago and rediscovered recently in the attic.  A little hot pink spray enamel

It didn't have a shade, so I picked up a plain white one from Target for about $10.  Lucky for me, my mom has all the cutest trim and doo-dads.

Hot pink ruffled grosgrain at the bottom.

Green ruffled polka-dot ric-rac at the top (attached with glue).

So easy, and Zadie loves it.  What's your favorite shade of spray paint?

ps- Did I mention it's nearly as big as she is; somehow you loose the scale in this picture.

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