Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some things just go together.  Strawberries and chocolate, babies and puppies, and apparently, trampolines and slips and slides!

Okay, here we are in the grass.  It looks like fun, but alas.  The ground is hard and the grass is full of sticks and prickers.

Here is Andy trying to tough it out with an aching knee.  By the way, when did Zadie get so tall and grown-y?

Okay, now my Mom genius kicks in and we haul the whole thing up on the trampoline.

Are you sure about this Mom?  Looks a little iffy.

Yeah, baby, let's do this.


Even Zadie's hair thinks this is awesome!

Best idea Mommy had all day :)  I'm so sorry that I can't share photos of me trying it out.  I'm sure it was graceful and nothing like when the animal trainer gives Shamu a fish for beaching herself on the stage at SeaWorld.

Happy May, y'all!

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