Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trying to stay dry

Andy is in pretty good spirits about his broken wrist, but we're having to work a little harder to find fun that doesn't include water or baseball.  (Well, we did watch Andy's ball team win their game last night).  So today we went to town to visit some feathered friends.  It may need to be said that while some children are (perhaps rightly) afraid of birds as tall as they are, my girls are not afraid of any animal.  Not even ones that could eat them.  We're working on it.

Hello friend goose.

Zadie made a sweet new friend.

We are loving stairs right now

Now just 4 to 6 more weeks to fill with non-pool non-beach type fun and we can get that thing off Andy's arm and have a real summer!


  1. Fun! Gaines' parents took the boys there last Thursday while they were visiting (long story why we weren't there) but yay for the Montgomery museum and for the geese! You got some wonderful photos! We need to meet up next time we are coming through town!

    1. Allison, I know we say it all the time, but I sure would love to see you and meet your beautiful family! Maybe when all six of our kiddos get a little bigger it will get easier (one can dream). Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love the photos! My favourite one is of Zadie and Andy, and then the one of Rosie on the stairs. So cute! I have to say: all y'all are braver than I am! I really dislike those geese--a dislike that probably borders more on phobia. eeeeeeee.