Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look away!

We love having our church's children's minister, Macon, over for dinner.  I honestly don't know why he comes.  It's always a zoo around here at dinner time.  Amplified by the fact that my children go nuts with excitement by his mere presence.  "Macon, Look at me!  No look at me!  ME! ME! ME!"  

Well, in attempt to outshine his sisters this evening, Andy set out to remove his front tooth.  Ack.

Alright, seriously, if you're squeamish about teeth AT ALL this is your last warning.  Look. Away.

Okay, perhaps this thing was not ready to come out.  There was so much blood.  Are you still looking?

Well, I did clean up most of the blood before I took the picture....

But still, yuck!  Right?!

Don't do it!!!!

Sheesh, he never listens to me.  You could drive a truck through that gap.  Blek!  Glad that's over, anybody want dessert?

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  1. I always look forward to reading your blogs.... The flowers were absolutely beautiful.