Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding flowers, as promised

Well, I sincerely hope to be able to post some of the pictures that the professional photographer took at the wedding last week, but as these are all I have for now, I will share them with you.  My greatest regret is that I didn't get a single picture of the stunning bride with her bouquet of white peonies and roses.  My goodness, she was a vision!
The ceremony was held at First Baptist Church, which is a huge sanctuary, so the arrangements have to be pretty big to fill the space.  This one was 8 feet across.  Hydrangias, lillies, roses, orchids, daisies, and much more.

A 6 o'clock wedding, so you know candles are a must.

 I just got a few pictures at the reception hall before I lost the light.

 The bride had set out the wedding pictures of the parents and grandparents at the entrance.  It was such a unique idea and I know the guests enjoyed seeing all of them.

There were several different sizes of centerpieces for the guest tables
Even the food was beautiful!

As always, I had amazing help.  My husband, sweet mama, mother-in-law and several good friends pitched in to help keep me on schedule and keep me sane.  A difficult task on my best day.

Even thought I do love being at home full time with my children.  It is such a great 'vacation' from the hard work of caring for them when opportunities like this come my way.  I had so much fun and hope I'll be doing it again soon!

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  1. I've been waiting on pictures! You did an amazing job, Laura! You are a very talented lady!