Wednesday, July 18, 2012

p,h,f,r- gearing up for a wedding

Poor neglected little blog.  I have not forgotten you!  I have my mind on bigger things.  Really big things, like over 1,000 roses that are waiting for me right now in a giant cooler while I sleep stress out over how I am going to get them all trimmed and twisted and put in their place for the biggest order of wedding flowers I have ever done.  

Well, since there's nothing I can do tonight (short of breaking and entering)  I will put my nervous energy into a quick {p,h,f,r}.  So let's see what was on my camera this week.

One of my favorite {happy}s.  I love that my kids love books and I love that they have a daddy who loves to read to them.

So you may know this about my girls, you may not.  They got off to a rocky start.  Zadie was not sure she wanted a baby sister.  She was a girl with her mind on her Mommy and her Mommy on her mind. Okay, lets be honest.  Zadie did not acknowledge Rosie's existence for at least 3 months.  Didn't look at her, touch her, or want anything to do with her.  She just kept saying, "put some milk and a bottle and give the baby to Daddy."
Well, I am quite happy to report that times they are a changin'!

Yep, here are my {pretty} girls.  Look they're sitting together...

Holy cow, it's a hug!  I keep singing that song from Signing Time With Alex and Leah
 (ps I love that show) that goes, "My puppy is nicer to me than my sister... but I've got a feeling that she'll be my best friend someday... guess we'll wait and see, see, see."


It's funny how no matter what else is going on, all I have to say is, "I'm going out to water the flowers, anyone want to play in the hose?"  And they come running like they just heard the ice-cream truck.

I never have {real} pictures.  I guess I just never feel like grabbing the camera when things are amiss.  But here is one more sweet shot of Zadie soaking me with the hose, hey maybe that counts!

If I have enough energy left to push down the shutter button on my camera after I turn First Baptist into the garden of Eden, I'll be posting flower-pa-looza pictures soon.

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