Monday, January 2, 2012

Advent and Christmas

 All of Advent is crazy busy for a pastor's family, but this year I resolved to make time for the things that I really wanted to do.  First, we invited some of the kids' friends over for a little gingerbread house decorating party.  This was definitely the 'first annual' because it was a great success.  It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful day and they were all able to go outside and run off the tremendous sugar rush that came after they gorged themselves on candy.

Georgia, Andy, Sydney, Miss Ami, and Seth

Ian, Miss Christina and Zadie

Zadie (mmmm, these are good) Mr. Darryl and William

Our Gingerbread villiage

Our next 'must do' for Advent was the Christmas lights at the Montgomery zoo.  Here are a few shots of us enjoying the cold weather, hot chocolate and sweet friends.

Sydney and Andy on the train
Rosie bright eyed and content, as usual

Snack time is always a hit

Now for a little early visit from Santa Claus.  He understands that pastors have to get to work early on Christmas morning, so he dropped by on Christmas eve.

Rosie looking EXACTLY like her daddy

Zadie making friends with our new additions, Lioness and Nala, the children's Christmas gifts

Zadie with Great Grand-dad

Rosie and Uncle Keith

All I got for the rest of the day was pictures of the top of Zadie's head because she wouldn't stop looking at the bunnies long enough for a picture.
 It was lovely to begin Christmas morning with worship.  I actually wish Christmas would always fall on a Sunday for that reason.  After church we packed up and headed to Dave's mom's house for Christmas dinner.
Aunt Deborah with Rose

Andy and Anderson

Zadie wore a dress that my mother made for me 30 years ago.  As usual I failed to get a decent picture of the kids dressed for church, but she did look precious.
Michael and Alex look ready to go back to bed, but Rosie is loving all the extra attention (and I think Michelle is loving some baby toes)
Maybe it's just the fast pace of life that comes with having three children, or maybe it's because I'm getting a little older, but Advent seemed to fly by this year.  It's hard to imagine that next Christmas Rosie will be running around and joining in the cookie decorating and carol singing.  I bet it will be here in a flash!

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