Thursday, January 19, 2012

{p,h,f,r} mustering up a little contentment

So my contentment was a little harder to find this week than most.  I've just been so tired.  This mama needs some rest!  Lucky for you, though, I still have some really fun pictures to share.

Talk about a pick-me-up!  How {pretty} is my baby girl in her tutu?!

Oh, I'm coming to get you!  I'll be on the move before you know it; you think you're tired now?

Look at that big ol' bow, I love it!

Okay, that was the last one, I couldn't resist.

Now, have I told you that we have the most tolerant bunny in the history of ever?  Well, here's proof.

Did I mention it was silly sock day at Zadie's preschool?

Can you find the bunny in this one?

I don't even know what end of the bunny is pictured here.
Would you like to know the best part?  This bunny actually likes her.  The bunny seeks her out and climbs in her lap and tickles her toes.  It's really something to see.

Alright, let's see.  {Happy}  Well, it always makes me happy to finish a project.  I've been sneaking off to spray paint things whenever the kids aren't looking.  Which makes them crazy because Andy wants to be there to smell the paint (yikes) and Zadie really wants a turn with the spray paint (double yikes).  So here's an old wooden frame that I painted red-

 And here it is with my recent project matted and hanging on the wall.  yep. {happy}

Oh, and {Real}.  This week was full of it!  You know those moments when you're in the waiting area at the automotive shop while they're changing the light bulb in your turn signal (yes mom, I got it fixed) and you realize that the baby has a poopy diaper and you left the diaper bag in the car, and where would you change it anyway?  Don't worry, I didn't take a picture.

How about those lovely afternoons when Andy gets home and there's only a little sunlight left, but instead of playing with his sisters like he really wants to do,

I have to make him sit and do his homework.  Didn't he just spend like 8 hours doing this stuff at school?  Can't a kid have a moment to just play?


Boo homework.  Yay Andy.  He can always make me smile.
Is it Saturday yet?

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  1. Pretty frame! And, it seems to me that bunnies have more personality than we give them credit for; at least, yours certainly has a great enjoyment of being carried here and there and fussed with. That's really cute!

  2. Your baby is gorgeous! In fact, all your kids are darn good-lookin'! Love the red frame too!