Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend travels

One thing about being a pastor's family is that we move.  Lately it seems like constantly.  This can be a blessing for our children.  They get to see new places and meet new friends and learn how to get along with lots of different people.  But it can be difficult, too. So even though it is a challenge, Dave and I try our best to help the kids stay connected with their friends (who are now spread from Seattle to Canada to North Carolina and throughout Alabama and Florida).  Road trip here we come.

This weekend we had the joy of celebrating the wedding of our friend Samantha.  I had the privilege of putting together the flowers and we made a weekend of it.  So... Thursday night we picked up flowers in Montgomery and headed for Florida.   Spent an amazing day in Destin Friday arranging flowers and SWIMMING.  Yep, outside.  Did I get pictures?  Nope.  I was SWIMMING in January OUTSIDE.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

Saturday morning, off to Marianna.  We only lived there for one year, but we made friends who I know we'll keep for the rest of our lives.

Rose and Zaly

Zaly and Rose

The entire time we lived in Marianna, Andy tried to climb this rock thing at our park.  He never let me help him because he was determined to do it himself.  Sweet success.

Andy and Zane

He did let Daddy help him down, though.  Couldn't quite get up the nerve to jump (thank goodness).

Oh, and these two.  Zadie and Jojo.  This is what I missed growing up in a military family.  All our moves, I rarely got a chance to reconnect with my girlfriends.  I hope these two will be calling each other to talk about prom dresses, and wedding dresses, and dresses to bring their babies home from the hospital in (when they're 35 of course).  They are such easy friends.

Andy and Abby
 And these two will have some stories to tell.  Oh, the mischief they used to find.  I can't believe how grown up they have become.  Abby is all tall and ladylike.  They hardly even squabbled this visit.  See, miracles do happen.

Meghan and Rosie

And this sweet lady.  I hope my kids will always have her to look up to.  Can you tell that she's been traveling from Ohio with her four!  Yep 15 hours of togetherness and she still has her smile and a snuggle for my Rosie.

I realize more every day that Dave and I can't raise these kids on our own.  I am so grateful for our families and for the 'family' of friends that we are building.  I hope my kids always have that connection with the people who have loved them from the beginning.

Okay, back to flowers.  Did I get pictures.  Nope.  I really meant to this time, but there was swimming and sunshine and a lovely wedding.  So congratulations Sam and Corey.  Thanks for including us in your day and giving us a great excuse for a road trip.  And thanks for all of you who welcome us back each time we roll through town.

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