Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Pretty, happy, funny, real} Rosie's nursery

Well, it's not exactly done (when is a home decor project ever really done) but I've decided that Rosie's nursery is done enough to share with you.

Let me begin by saying that the room itself is really charming.  We live in a parsonage that was built in the 1920's and has all the beauty of the era: hard wood floors, plaster walls, picture molding, I could go on.  The upstairs was not original, but is part of the attic space converted into 2 little bedrooms and a child-sized bathroom.  Even though it is an addition, it was well done and has real hardwood floors and large windows that fit with the character of the home.

Now for the fun part.    {Pretty}

Of course she needed Roses (hello) but I also wanted to have bright fun colors that would grow with Rosie and transition easily into a 'big girl' room.  I've been down this road before, remember.  I found this great flowered print at Pottery Barn Kids with big graphic flowers.  Now, because the room is so small cozy, I didn't want to overwhelm the space with a bright wall color, so I kept the walls white and painted the ceiling a bright blue that is found in the print on her sheets and bumpers.

Of course most of her furnishings are repurposed, which makes me {Happy}

The dresser was Dave's when he was little and I have been hiding it in a closet because it was in pretty bad shape.  Here it is after a little sand paper and a few coats of Disney's Three Cheers for Pooh which I chose because it's kind of pink and kind of red and totally gorgeous.  My mom found the knobs in a clearance bin at Hobby Lobby; aren't they perfect?!  And do you know how much knobs cost?  These were about a dollar.  Score.

This old mirror was stashed in a closet at Mom's house.  Here it is covered with paper and ready for a face lift.

Isn't spray paint wonderful; this is called berry pink and I've been painting everything in the house with it all week.  Everything is cuter when it's pink.

Now to a little more of Nanny's handy work.  These curtains block a lot of light for napping and I love the red monogram.

Isn't it {funny} how you don't notice how badly something needs to be ironed until you go to take a photograph of it?  This little white pique dust ruffle was Zadie's, but back then it had a green piped accent.  Oh, Nanny.  Could you cover that with the grosgrain ribbon that you used on the curtain... of course you could.  Thanks mama ;)

Now for the {Real}.  We have been spending more time up here now that Rosie is cruising and finding legos and whatnot to put in her mouth in the playroom, but she is not yet sleeping here.  She would probably wake her brother every two hours all night long when she wakes to nurse.  So, alas, she is still in my room, keeping only me up all night.  I'm {Really} tired.

I love little hats.
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  1. Beautiful nursery. I love how you repurposed the dresser, the miror and the crib skirt and made them new again.

  2. What a beautiful nursery for a beautiful girl! This makes me want to go "girl up" our littlest one's room. Our things are all gender neutral, and so poor baby girl is in a yellow room with a little pink here and there.

  3. Oh, Laura! I love it!! You have motivated me to finish the picture frame I started (but never finished) for her when she was born....hee!! Sad, I know! This is just charming!

  4. Beautiful job! And so creative! And as always, Nan did such a great job on the windows!! Wish you two were here to do our nursery! :( LOL. Great Great job! And so glad to finally see pictures!

  5. Thanks so much everyone. I was shocked to see all the beautiful colors spray paint now comes in. And I figure if you need things to be blue in the future, they make blue spray paint too :)

  6. It looks so great, Laura! Lovely and bright! It just makes me want to find stuff in my house to spray paint! Really nice job. :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing the nursery! It's lovely. I love that your pink is so strong and bold!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Leila! I have followed your blog for a long time and always find a little encouragement there. I feel a little giddy that you've commented on mine. Thanks for all the advice and wisdom.