Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Zadie's latest creations

Zadie's work from last year

 I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that my favorite way to play with my kids is to create with them.  I'm always up for getting out the paints and the play dough.  (Especially if this will lure Andy away from the video games, which, alas, I despise) 

Well, as you might imagine, Andy has been creating vampires and castles and the like for years, but it has only been in recent months that Zadie's creations have gone from non-objective explorations of  the medium, or 'scribble scrabble' as the children call it, to accurate enough representations of real life objects that even her critical older brother is impressed.  So, here are some of Zadie's recent masterpieces.

So, you'll have to tilt your head for this one, I can't figure out how to rotate it.

A pear

Octopus, fish, starfish and jelly fish  (a little help from mama on the starfish)

hand print Christmas tree

a dog running really fast

a dog swimming in the ocean

'a rainbow dog' according to her- a little tough to recognize, but I love the colors
Oil pastel and watercolor resist Roses.... okay, I did this one, but that's the best part of having a budding young artist in the house, Mommy gets to paint too!  Stay tuned for more on this piece.  I have a frame spray painted and ready to add a little color to Rosie's room.


  1. So great! JoJo gets bored WAY to fast! I am so wishing you guys could be back here so that Jozalyn and Zadie could paint together!!

  2. Love these! Maybe I should buy some Zadie art now, as it might be out of my price range in 20 years!